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The purpose of this program is to improve the living conditions for residents in the Town of Wilna, and Villages of Carthage, Deferiet, Herrings and Natural Bridge by promoting repair and rehabilitation of the local housing stock. The primary objective is to eliminate conditions that include code violations or hazardous threats to the health and safety of local residents identified within the property. Energy conservation improvements and other necessary repairs will also be encouraged whenever work is completed with assistance under this program.

This program is administered by the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) with grant funds provided by the State of New York. A local coordinator is available to help identify eligible improvements in the property and to determine the best way to complete those repairs. A panel of qualified, local contractors will bid to complete the work on the property. Financial assistance is available to qualified applicants to help pay the cost of eligible improvements that are completed under this program. In all cases, a portion of that financing will be in the form of grants that will not be repaid so long as all program guidelines are complied with.

All residential properties in the Town of Wilna are eligible for assistance under this program. However, preference will be given to those applicants who have the greatest need. You may be added to the list for assistance by clicking on the Application Packet, and submit that together with the required supporting documentation to the Chamber Office.

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The Carthage Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement:
“The Objective of the Chamber Shall be to Promote the Civic, Economic, and Social Welfare of the People of Carthage, West Carthage, and Vicinity.”


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